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The Wolverhampton & District Chess League (WDCL)

Wolverhampton have been continuously involved in the Wolverhampton League since 1952, and the Cannock League since it was founded in 1999.

The main season is the winter season which runs from September to April. Wolverhampton A, B and C teams play in the Wolverhampton league. The A and B teams also play in the Birmingham league. Two other separate teams are run in the Cannock and Dudley leagues.

Wolverhampton Chess Club run two Summer league teams, an A and B team in the Wolverhampton Summer league Divisions 2 and 3 respectively. A 3rd team plays in Division 1 which was a joint alliance with Walsall Kipping and Wolverhampton called Wolvsall.

Wolverhampton Summer League 2010 Champions of Division 2: 15 points maximum.

Wolverhampton Summer League 2008 Champions of Division 3 South

WDCL and Summer League Details


Chess clubs within a radius of 20 miles of Queen Square, Wolverhampton are eligible for entry into the WDCL.

The Winter league was founded in 1945 and the Summer was founded in 1977.

The Winter league season runs from September to late March or sometimes early April depending on matches pending due to postponement. The league consists of and is organised into 3 divisions. There will be a 4rth division from 2006/7 however.  

Divisions 1 and 2 have 6 boards per team, Division 3 has 5 boards per team.  There are no grading limits for the Winter league. The Summer league however does have grading restrictions for divisions 2 and 3: Division 1 no grading limit for players, Division 2 maximum 135 grade and Division 3 maximum grade 110.

Opposing teams play each other at their home venue and away during the season. Roughly half the fixtures for each team are at home, the remainder away. Upon completion of the season, the two teams which have scored the most points, i.e. the top two teams in each division are promoted, the bottom two teams are relegated.

Some Rules Of Play

Home teams, black on odd numbered boards for both leagues.

Wolverhampton Summer League:

  • 60 mins first 30 moves then upon conclusion of black's 30th move clocks 15 mins added to each clock for blitz finish.

WDCL Winter League: Divisions 1 and 2
  • 42 moves first 90 mins (or 36 moves in 75 mins depending on team choice,) then 24 moves in the next 60 mins.  Upon black's 70th move, 15 mins added for a blitz finish.

    Uncompleted match games may be adjourned, sent of for adjudication or decided by agreement between the players.

WDCL Winter League: Division 3 and 4

  • Comprise of 7 and 6 teams respectively
  • 30 moves first 65 mins.  Upon black's 30th move, 15 mins added for a blitz finish. No adjournments.
  • Div 3 teams play 12 matches.
  • Div 4 teams play 10 matches. .


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Other Leagues

Birmingham : The Birmingham & District Chess League was formed in 1897 and consists of 6 divisions.

Cannock : The Cannock & District Chess League was formed in 1999 and currently has 3 divisions. 4 board teams play in each division and grading limits apply to each division.

Home Teams Black on Odd numbered Boards.

30 moves in 60 mins then +20 mins Blitz.

Div 1: team total grade mustn't exceed 560.

Div 2: " 460 grading limit.

Div 3: " 340 Grading limit.

Dudley : Consists of 3 divisions.

Home Teams White on Odd numbered Boards.

30 moves in 75 mins then + 15 in Blitz. Home teams black on even boards.

Grading limits apply:

Div 1: Individuals player grade not to exceed 170.

Div 2: Individuals player grade not to exceed 140.

Div 3: Individuals player grade not to exceed 115.

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