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New Members & Registrations

Club chess play resumed, September 2021.

 Recruitment is continual whether you're a beginner or at higher standard.  

Wolverhampton Chess Club Subscriptions 2023/24 as agreed at our 2023 AGM, 15.


Chess club membership for season 2022/23 costs 20 (if paid before 30th September) 25 thereafter, and pro rata. 

Junior membership 10.

 Note:  ECF membership isn't included, and you'll need to buy this separately to play in our league teams.

 Bronze ECF Membership can be upgraded to Silver, Gold, Platinum.

Note: a member may be allowed to skip ECF registration when joining late in the ECF year on the understanding that they will meet any board fees incurred in playing in League  matches, and

 However, prospective members can attend a couple of times for free and if you decide to join:

Choose your membership option.

Who do I pay club subs to?

John Lee, chess club treasurer.


Welcome to our new members:

|Tim Berry, Frank Jones and Steven Walker.

Note : Bronze ECF Membership can be upgraded to Silver, Gold, Platinum on request or deducting from subscription if anyone already holds ECF Membership

Pro rata subs throughout the season..

Website Updates


Note: Match results are added as soon as possible.


  • 26-27 February 2022: main page reorganised, restructured  and archived
  •  an  July: Club announcement re expected reopening.
  • 2019:  BDCL, WDCL results added.  Events and trophy update.
  • 19/10/2018 WDCL Div 1 and 3 team results added from 18/10/2018 res21/09/2018 Humphrey's Cup round 1 results added.
  • 17/09/2018
  • New members welcome;  WDCL results added from 06 and 13/10/2018
  • 29/01/2018 WDCL Div 4 results added.
  • 18/01/2018 WDCL results added.
  • 16/11/2017 BDCL Div 2 S Birmingham A results added.
  • 10/11/2017 BDCL Results added.  Robert Marshall. 20/10/2017 CDCL results added from 19/10/10/2017
  • 13/10/2017 WDCL Div 4 results added and Club Rapidplay details
  • 07/10/2017 BDCL Div 2 results added from 05/10/2017
  • 22/09/2017 WDCL Div 4; BDCL Div 2 results added and Club Championship 2017/18 update
  • Some previous Updates



Welcome to our Wolverhampton Chess club website. You can find out more about our club here and those who are already chess club members will also find this website useful.

Wolverhampton Chess Club provide opportunities to play chess socially, and or competitively. The club runs teams in the Birmingham, Cannock and Wolverhampton leagues. Club Secretary as of the 2022 AGM is Phil Bull, and Rajeev Raghavan is the chess club's new chair. Please don't hesitate to contact us via our contacts page or visit the club for further information or chat.


Exciting Event News

Wolverhampton Chess Club  Christmas Blitz
Monday 11th December, 7.30pm
At the Forty Four Club, Spring Rd, Wolverhampton, WV4 6LQ.
For more details email Phil Bull
  Wton CC Blitz Tournament 07082023
More pics


Please note venue change details and the chess club now meets on Mondays:

 When and where does the club meet?

Club night: Monday

Where? The Forty Four Club, 44 Spring Road, Wolverhampton, WV4 6LQ

Fancy joining?

Visit us at the Forty Four Club, 44 Spring Road, Wolverhampton, WV4 6LQ and ask a chess club member about joining.


How do I pay my membership fee?

  • Paypal, cash on a chess club night to John Lee, Phil Bull or Rajeev Raghavan, or by bank transfer.

But, you can attend a few times for free. So, why not visit, play a game or two, then decide?


Can you be the champion? (New page launch!) Wolverhampton Chess Club Championship open to all members, thank you, Chris Lewis. Click here


Online play: Our Lichess online page is here, too, with links to play.       



An update:

Wolverhampton Chess Club reopened

Thursday 9th September 2021.

still here with everlasting memories of those who have sadly passed away, and will be dearly missed. 


Wolverhampton Chess Club Championship 2019/20:  

Well done to Frank Wood on a very well played, great game and progressing to the next round after victory against the reigning champion John Mangwengwende.

Wolverhampton Chess Club Championship 2018/19:  

The Final:  Congratulations to John Mangwengwende Wolverhampton Chess Club Champion 2018/19 after beating Chris Cox in the Final.  Well done to Chris Cox on becoming a finalist as that's a great achievement too.



News of Success

BDSL Summer League


Well done all, 4th from top in the Open section behind South Birmingham, West Bromwich, Mutual Circle. BDSL 2019 Fixture link 

BDSL 2019


Wolverhampton League (WDCL) Trophies:    Humphrey's Cup  (U130 each player)  Cannock League (CDCL): Chase Trophy.  U551 for 4 player team  

2019/20:  Well Wolverhampton win on board count versus Stourbridge in round 1 of the WDCL Humphrey's Cup and beat Mercia 3.5 - 0.5 Wed 26/02/2020 Geoff Rosser, Gordon Sands and Eddie Badger won their games on boards 1, 3 and 4 respectively and Chris Cox drew on board 2. Well done all and on progressing to final which will be against Rushall.
2018/19:  Wolverhampton retain the WDCL Humphrey's Cup after beating Stourbridge, 1 - 3 in the Final. As in the semi final against Rushall, G Rosser and C Cox won their games.  G Sands also won. Well done all, and the entire squad that played at every stage in the competition.  

Wolverhampton versus Stourbridge 14th May at Mercia Chess Club.
Well done all, Wolverhampton win the Chase Trophy after beating Rugeley 3 - 1 in the final 16th May 2019.

Humphreys and Chase Trophy finals  







Club Events Achievements and General News Summary


2013/14 2012/13 2011/12 2010/11  
Club Phil Bull Dave Wightman Paul D Walters (54.5 points) Oladejo Olaleye (107.5 points)  

Spring Rapidplay

  Mike Townsend (4.5/5) Robert Marshall (Quickplay 5/5) Colin Haughton (Quickplay 4/5)  

2011/12 : Club Championship : With the spring Rapidplay taking up the final evening of this year's Club Championship, nobody was able to challenge long time leader Paul Walters' position at the top of the table.  Congratulations to Paul, 2012 Wolverhampton Chess Club Champion, for his hard work during the six months that the competition has run and for some fine wins.  Long time challenger Peter Pearson-Jones came second, with Peter Hubbard taking third place just ahead of Gordon Sands in fourth and Barry Lewis in fifth place.  (See Events 2011/12 Club Championship section for more details and weekly club championship archives)

See Club Honours page for more details of success

Wolverhampton Show Exhibitors 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

Wolverhampton Show Page

Website supported 1st Macmillan Rapidplay 2009. Press Release: Read More


Obituary section, members who've sadly passed away



Frank Wood


Thank you Geoff and Phil for the following.

Frank Wood 2011

With great sadness, I write this brief,  interim post and I'm sure there will be tributes soon, an obituary and more.

Club chair of many years and in more recent years, WDCL Tournament secretary, Frank Wood sadly passed away Monday 28th December 2020 and will be missed by so many and remembered forever, too, as one of Wolverhampton Chess Club's greatest.



I am saddened by the loss of Frank Wood, who was not only a good administrator and good player. He was also a lovely bloke. Condolences to his family (Barry Smith).


I’m stunned by the news. Frank did an enormous amount for the league and for Wolverhampton as you know. Please pass my condolences to the family (David Fone)


 A sad loss, a wonderful man who'll be missed greatly. (Phil Bull)


Phil has called me with the news and it is indeed sad and a great shock.

Frank is such a gentleman and simply does not deserve such a cruel deal. I am completely taken aback despite the fact that this is my job day in and day out seeing and dealing with cases such as this. (Rajeev Raghaven)


 I’ll always remember Frank as he chaired meetings and awarded chess club trophies with Barry Lewis at Wolverhampton Chess Club.  His great sense of humour, friendly manner too and the privilege of experiencing Frank’s formidable ,Morra gambit and how he supported outdoor door chess club events.  Frank was always there at the helm and will be missed by so many.  Sincere condolences to Frank’s family, (Paul Walters)


Would you be kind enough to convey our condolences to Wolverhampton CC members re Frank. (Ann and Alan Ruffle)


 Messages of shock and sadness have also been received from Chris Cox, Gordon Sands, Paul Walters, Eddie Badger, Dave Wightman and Steve Wilcox among others.


The Frank Wood Swiss memorial tournament held between 14th January 2020 and 25th February 2021 was won by Mike Townsend. Who achieved 1st place on 6 out of 7, just 1 loss in the final round to Tony Preece.  Congratulations.

Also, runners up, Phil Bull 2nd and Tony Preece, both with 5 points and thank you to all participants and to Phil Bull for organising.


A superb tournament in honour of Frank Wood. 

Well done, Mike Townsend, who led all the way.



Phil Porter

Writing to  inform you of the death last week of Phil Porter aged 74 who had played in the local chess leagues especially WDCL and BDCL for close on 40 years and will no doubt be remembered by many players in the area. He will be sadly missed by many.

 Phil joined Wolverhampton Chess Club in the late Sixties or early Seventies though after a few years left and joined the Wolverhampton Kipping club sadly now defunct. He rejoined Wolverhampton Chess club in the 1983/84 season along with two other well remembered players, Mike Townsend and Robert Marshall. P

Phil had an aggressive style of play and chalked up a few notable wins against stronger players. Phil had not played in league matches for about a year due to failing eyesight though he was hoping to resume play after an operation which he was on a waiting list for.

 His other main interests were cricket - he was a qualified umpire In local leagues- and real ale which he espoused and consumed with equal gusto!

 Phil’s niece has told me that it is likely that some sort of celebration of Phil’s life will be arranged at some time in the future and that she would let me have details. I will pass any such details on to yourselves in case there are others outside our club who might wish to be involved.


Best wishes. 

Frank Wood (25th July 2020)

 Wolverhampton Chess Club Chairman

Robert Marshall

It's with great sadness that I announce and write this. Robert Marshall recently passed away age 57.
A great player and one of our club's strongest and finest. WDCL Rock Cup Winner and played on our highest boards for many years. Will be missed by all. Thoughts and condolences to Robert's family.

 Near the end of 2020 Frank Wood passed away.


John Wakelam

And with more sadness, I say John Wakelam passed away in January.  John held the post of records secretary for many years and will be fondly remembered by many AGM attendees as John sat beside Frank and announced AGM Trophy winners and end of season team standings for the various leagues.  Condolences to John's family.

Mr Leslie Hesbrook: Les Hesbrook passed away 6 Nov 2010 at age 88.

Mr Leslie Hesbrook Tribute Page

Colin Bourne Jones passed away peacefully June 3 2011 aged 75 years.  Sadly missed but fondly remembered by all his Friends and Family.

Alf Schroeder

Very sad news filtered through at the start of 2014 regarding Alf Schroeder who passed away Dec 31 2013.  Alf was a longstanding member of Bushbury Chess Club but was a member of Wolverhampton Chess Club years ago and played on high county boards close to Alf Butcher.   Condolences to Bushbury, family and all who knew Alf, a great player who'll missed by so many.



Daily Chess Puzzle

News: Club Publicity and Events:

Attention all members, Chess enthusiasts or interested in Chess:

Event announcement:

Pre-season rated blitz, 7th August 2023.
Congratulations to Rajeev Raghavan, 1st place, with an awesome performance,  and to Andrew Adams and Tony Preece, whom both won grading prizes.
Wolverhampton Chess Club will be hosting a Pre-Season Rated, 5m, 9 round Blitz on Monday 7th August, 7.30pm at the Forty Four Club, Spring Rd, Wolverhampton, WV4 6LQ.

2.50 Entry.


Congratulations to Rajeev Raghavan for defeating Phil Bull in the final to win the Frank Wood Memorial Trophy 2022/23.
And, to Geoff Rosser defeating Andrew Adams to win the minor trophy. 

Listen to Wolverhampton Chess Club's chess expert Tony Preece on BBC Radio WM 28/09/2022 Talking to presenter Kath Stanczyszyn (75 mins into the broadcast) about chess and a recent, bizarre high profile chess scandal.

Well done Tony.

Wolverhampton Chess Club will be hosting the first of Five Grand Prix events on the 5th of September, 2022.

Entries are being capped at 36, so act quickly if you're interested

Read more

Entry forms and tournament rules on the BDCL website link.

Phil Bull, Wolverhampton Chess Club secretary.


Well done to all AGM Trophy Winners(26/05/2022) and new post holders, Phil Bull, club secretary, and Rajeev Raghavan, club, chairperson. 

Also, thank you to Michael Oakes who was club secrretary for many years, and for Geoff Rosser's chairmanship, at a crucial juncture for the chess club as it reopened as lockdown restrictions eased.

Chess club championship page launched

Congratulations to Tony Preece, undefeated in CDCL Div 1. The team were also undefeated at the top of the division.

Well done, the winning team, Tony Preece, Steve Tarr, Rajeev Raghavan and Chris Cox.

Wolverhammpton have excelled in BDCL Div 1, and end the winter season near the top of the division, after just two ddefeats against Solihull and South Birmigham A.

Fixtures update:

Cannock league 2022 fixtures added to fixtures section


The Pandemic continues and there's no face-to-face on the board chess.  But don't despair, Wolverhampton Chess Club has a page on Lichess, where chess continues and several members play. 

 Also, Swiss tournaments, chess 960 and other chess variants.  So, join us online here, or on the links to play.


More game links soon.

Winter season well under way:  

 (See all results on fixtures page.)

History section expands with content tributes :   Mike Townsend, Alf Butcher, John Fellows, Bert Preist, W N Boydon, Mark Duffy, P S Walkins and Cooke family sections added Thank you to Keith Bate and all contributors.

News Archive and features 2011/12

News Archive and features 2012/13

News Archive and features 2013/14


County Congress and participation


Staffordshire Chess Congress

Sat 12 & Sun 13 April 2014 at Bloxwich Leisure Centre (live links)

A number of Wolverhampton Chess Club members will be particating in the congress.

Minor Major(U160) Open
Gordon Sands Peter Pearson Jones, Jonathan Hunt, Geoff Rosser Phil Bull

Good luck to all Wolverhampton Chess Club entrants at this years county congress. Hope it's a great congress and enjoyed by all.

Wolverhampton Chess Club members are eligible to play and participate in Staffordshire County matches.

The teams are as follows;

U160 U140

U120 Bulldogs:

U120 Terriers:

Staffordshire play SCCU 3/ NCCU2 in the National Quarter Finals on May 18th but lost to Kent.

Dave Wightman played in this high level match and drew Well done Dave!

[Match report by Dave Wightman]

full score here as a pdf file]

MCCU Website

Current News from our County Website

More details on Staffordshire County Website



County Matches and Staffordshire County Congress

Junior Chess and Chess Training site

Bloxwich Junior Chess Club

Sat 2nd February 2013: Simultaneous Display by English Chess Federation President Roger Edwards. V 17 Junior Players of the above Club. Read more

Exciting news : NEW Chess training website for kids. Wolverhampton Chess Club member and resident chess trainer Peter Pearson Jones has created and built a fantastic new Chess teaching/ training website. The site will eventually offer a wide range of chess training; introduction and chess training from the basics to advanced level. It is a privilege to be the first to see this fantastic new website especially prior to the official launch which will occur soon. Thank you and very well done to Peter Pearson Jones. An advanced preview here and the beginners section is operational. www.cyber-chess.co.uk(Site is still subject to some development and addition of further sections)


About This Website

This site is an exciting venture and project that will extend the club's horizons by bringing a flavour of what our club is about via the world wide web. It is envisaged that this new club site will help promote Wolverhampton Chess and its Chess club as well as helping players and those with Chess interests.As of 26/07/07 website the domain name www.wolverhamptonchessclub.org.uk/ became operational.

29 Aug 2006 This site is now well developed and includes a Club History section and gallery. If anyone has further historic details relating to Wolverhampton Chess Club please email our webmaster.

As of 1 June 2006 this website was constructed but incomplete in parts as some sections required more information and content.

Site Compatibility : This site has been tested with a variety of browsers and should display fine and function flawlessly. If you do encounter problems please email webmaster.