Wolverhampton Chess Club Championship


Thurs 17 Jan 2013

Dave Wightman vs Peter Hubbard

Dave Wightman won the toss and chose the white pieces in the match to decide who would face Frank Wood in the final of this year's club championship.  A tactical opening lead to an early developmental advantage for white, but black was able to push back the white pieces and neutralise the advantage successfully.  In a congested centre, black made a minor miscalculation which cost a knight as a result of a crucial check during the ensuing exchange.  This proved to be the decisive moment as white was then able to progressively swap off pieces into a rook and pawn ending where the advantage of having an extra bishop proved decisive.  So, Dave Wightman will meet Frank Wood in the final, which is due to be completed by the end of March, but thanks are due to Peter Hubbard for a keenly contested game including some accurate defensive play.



Courtesy of Dave Wightman